Our Facility

The original building was constructed in 1973. At that time, the size and structural layout met the needs of the community well. It is a single level facility consisting of two chapels, a full service lounge, choir room, lobby, and sitting room. Many families choose this building for sentimental reasons. Often, families express Their desire to use the original facilities because “Mom was there so we want dad there too.” The inside of this facility was recently remodeled. Exterior and interior renovations were completed in 2011.

As time passed and the business began to grow, we saw a need for additional facilities to accommodate and serve the deserving community. Construction on the second facility was completed in 2001. Inside you will find our inviting lobby, arrangement room, display room, family room, choir room, and chapel all on ground level.

The full service lounge and children’s area are located just down the stairs off the lobby.

We try to keep in mind, these buildings serve people from many walks of life. We want our facilities to be practical and functional while providing you with an atmosphere that is pleasant and facilitates peacefulness. To help provide you with this comfortable environment we took time and placed much thought into choosing words of inspiration and comfort placed throughout the building. While visiting our facilities we hope that you take some time to read these heartfelt and encouraging words on pictures and plaques throughout the buildings. We have chosen these with you in mind hoping that the messages can help you with your grieving process and give you some peace of mind to start the journey on a road to healing.